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Are you tired of trying to figure out social media on your own? Have you just taken over managing this area of marketing, or is it totally new to you? Have you been to workshops and still felt bamboozled or struggled to put those things into practice when you get back to your office?


We’re here for you. Our 1-on-1 social media sessions are tailored to suit you, your business and your unique challenges.


We can catch up in person or over Zoom to go through your social media woes together. You can pick our brains and get real, hands-on help for your social media marketing.


These sessions are dedicated to you and what you need to know. We start with a phone call and then ask you to fill in a quick survey, so we know exactly what you’d like to cover and where you’re currently at.

This is so we’re fully prepared and can dive straight in when we see you, making the most of our time. During our session, we will take you through the things you’ve asked about step by step, at a pace that suits you.


What might my session look like?

  • Setting up a new Facebook page and understanding how the platform works
  • Understanding the basics of social media and how to use it to achieve your business goals
  • Best practice for Facebook, types of content to post, using scheduling and analytics
  • Understanding Instagram and how to use hashtags, Stories and IGTV
  • Facebook Advertising, pixels and retargeting
  • Streamlining social media processes, scheduling and automation
  • Developing a  media strategy
  • Creating a content plan
  • Copywriting and content ideas
  • How to measure sucess
  • How to master Reels


What does my session include?

  • Kick-off pre-training survey and discovery call or meeting
  • A three hour, in-person workshop where we work through your desired topics
  • Post-meeting custom report with How To Guides, templates and links to useful resources


This is bespoke training, tailored to your requirements, delivered at your own pace. Book now and we'll be in touch to get the wheels in motion!


Half Day 1 on 1 training

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