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Top 10 ChatGPT prompts for content marketing inspiration

So you've played around with ChatGPT and know that it has the power to streamline your content marketing efforts, but you're still not sure how. The answer: effective prompts. By understanding how ChatGPT works and giving your new robot friend as much information as possible, in the right format, you'll soon be saving hours when it comes to crafting content for your website, socials and blog.

Here are 10 of our favourite prompts to help you generate content ideas, get your creativity firing and banish your writer's block. First, here are some must-dos when working with ChatGPT:

Top Tips

  • Always ask ChatGPT to 'act as' a marketing or social media marketing expert.

  • Give as much content and information as possible about your business. Upload previous blogs, company overview, tone of voice information etc so it can gather information on your brand.

  • Break your prompts down into a stream of commands, don't add them all in one paragraph.

  • Ask ChatGPT what it needs from you!

  • If it serves up something you like, ask it to dig deeper or refine it into a different format.

Top 10 Chat GPT prompts for social media marketers

  1. How can I, as a social media marketer for [insert industry], leverage social media to increase brand awareness and reach?

  2. Can you provide me with 10 creative content ideas for [insert platform] posts related to [insert niche subject] Please best advice also how can I make these posts visually appealing and engaging.

  3. I would like to create a series of educational videos for [insert platform] about [insert niche subject]. Can you give me 5 video content ideas that would be both engaging and provide in-depth explanations, tutorials, or demonstrations?

  4. I'm sending an email to my consumer database about a new product. Can you create an eye-catching subject line for my [product] that specifically mentions the subscriber’s name and interests?

  5. I'm working on my company's SEO strategy. Can you give me a list of informational, long-tail keywords that I can use to ideate blog posts for [product or company]?

  6. Can you provide me with 5 content ideas for blog posts that delve into specific topics or trends within [insertniche subject]? How can I make these blog posts informative, engaging, and shareable? My business is [insertniche] and my target audience is [insert audience]. Please ask me any questions before you begin.

  7. Can you help me create a comprehensive content calendar for [insert month] for my Instagram strategy? Please provide a step-by-step guide on how to plan and organise content for both the feed and Stories, including tips on content themes, post frequency, and how to balance promotional, educational, and engaging content. My business is [insert niche] and my target audience is [insert audience].

  8. I'm going to copy and paste some content in a moment. Please use this to create 3 quiz questions. Please provide 4 possible answers with only 1 answer being correct. Please tell me which is the correct answer. I would also like you to ensure the copy is short and snappy as these will be used for a series of Instagram Stories. Please let me know if you're ready to receive the copy from the blog.

  9. I'm going to send you my LinkedIn profile summary. I would like you to advise how can I make it compelling and engaging. Are you ready for me to send the copy or do you have any questions before you begin?

  10. I would like to create visually appealing quote graphics related to [insert niche subject]. Can you give me 20 content ideas for quote posts that inspire, educate, or motivate my audience? Please ask me any questions before you begin.

We hope these quick top tips help inspire you to start using ChatGPT more in your everyday work. It has the potential to save marketers so much time and help banish the dreaded blinking cursor on an empty Word document.

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