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Bounce Back Grants - Grant ready marketing packages

Get up to $5,000 for your business

As part of the City of Perth’s Bounce Back package, new grants are now available to small businesses operating in the City. Grants of up to $5,000 are available to support projects that help grow existing small businesses or create new opportunities within the city. The program will assist businesses to respond and adapt to uncertainty caused by COVID-19

The grants can be used to overhaul your marketing strategy, rebrand your business or invest in social media development. If this is something your business has been considering, now’s the perfect time to apply for a grant and get your plans underway as we reopen to our much-missed interstate and international tourists.

Grant-ready packages make submissions easy!

To make the grant submission process simpler and easier for business owners, Wanderlust Communications has put together a selection of grant-ready services to fit the business initiatives and budget outlined in the grant guidelines.

We’re able to provide a quick, clear quote that’s designed to accompany your grant submission. Take a look at the following packages to see which one suits your needs best.

Social media audit and strategy

Get your social media channels working for you with this full social media audit and strategy. We’ll teach you how to use your channels to their full potential, helping you engage your audience, reach new potential customers and secure sales. From content planning and hashtag strategies to video marketing strategies and best practice, this strategy will have you feeling confident and excited about running your socials.

What's included:

· We do a full audit of your existing social media strategy and give recommendations on how to maximise your channels in future

· We work with your team to create an annual social media strategy for your business

· This includes the creation of social media strategy including content pillars, content marketing strategy, target markets, key messaging, channels to use, best practice for each channel, influencer marketing, paid activity, recommendations for posting schedule and hashtags, monitoring, reporting and evaluating

· Finally, we include a 2-hour training session to go over strategy and give hands-on support to help you implement

Marketing strategy

Is your marketing done on the fly as you busily try to run your business? Whilst it’s great to do something rather than nothing, having a solid marketing strategy means you’ll spend less time flitting between different activities and more time on the things that drive results. From identifying your ideal customer and content strategy, to deciding on which channels to use and planning out the entire year, we take everything into account. A concise strategy will help you reduce the overwhelm and focus on a cohesive and measurable marketing strategy that delivers real results.

What's included:

· We start with a 2-hour workshop to uncover your business objectives and goals.

· Then we create an annual marketing strategy for your business.

· This includes the creation of content pillars, content marketing strategy, target markets, key messaging, marketing mix, best practice for each marketing tactic, reporting and evaluating.

· Finally, we include a 2-hour training session to go over strategy and give hands-on support for implementation.

Social media advertising package

Social media advertising leaves many business owners scratching their heads, and whilst a sold campaign strategy can have great results, simply boosting posts or not using targeting correctly is often a waste of valuable time and money. In this package, we look at your goals and objectives and then recommend the best digital advertising platforms and create a paid social media strategy. We’ll work with you to create ads that really deliver and set up the campaigns for you. Once set up, we train you on how to manage these yourself, so it can be part of your overall marketing activity.

What's included:

· We start with a 1-hour workshop to uncover your business objectives and goals and look into any existing paid activity.

· Then we create a paid social media campaign to suit your objectives and goals.

· We set up the campaigns for you, create the copy and creative and monitor and optimise for the next month.

· Once we’ve found a formula that works, we have a 2-hour training session with you to ensure you’re comfortable running the ads in-house

· We’re on hand for the following 6 months if you have any questions or queries about the ad campaigns and can hop in to make amends or optimise further.

If you’re interested in applying for one of the City of Perth grants, please book in a call with us today so we can find out a little more about your business and then prepare a quote for you to submit with your application.

Applications are open now, good luck!

Handy links:

Bounce Back Grant Guidelines

Bounce Back Application

Book a call with Wanderlust Communications to get your bespoke quote.

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