We're a small but mighty team of passionate and experienced marketers.


Amy Gough

Managing Director


Danica Deller

Account Manager

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Katie Hutchinson

Account Manager


Madi Regan

Account Executive

Amy is our creative director and MD. Originally from the UK, she founded Wanderlust Communications in 2015 and has worked with a number of global clients including Sony Ericsson, Tourism WA, the NHS and Cadbury. Previously the General Manager at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre, Amy has worked in tourism for almost a decade and specialises in destination marketing and strategic marketing.

Danica is a talented marketer with an amazing understanding of the social media space. She's worked with multiple tourism organisations including Australia's Golden Outback, Whiteman Park and Visit Fremantle and is passionate about creating online communities that turn followers into loyal brand advocates. Danica has an amazing skill for strategy creation and knows how to turn that strategy into effective, brand building content. 

Katie is a creative and results-driven digital marketer with more than six years experience of working in global markets.

She's worked with multiple tourism organisations and operators in the UK and Australia including Visit Hampshire, Visit Mandurah and Explore Worldwide.

Katie specialised in social media marketing, optimised content curation and marketing strategy. She's also got a great eye for design and is a pro on Canva!

Madi recently graduated with a degree in marketing, advertising and PR and has a strong passion for all things creative. Madi is a skilful marketer and a creative thinker - she's always ahead of the curve when it comes to digital trends and the latest algorithm changes across social media platforms. She loves creating content that maximises these trends, whilst keeping it on brand and beautifully presented.